Status Meter – Quick Start Guide
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Installation Instructions

The HughesNet Status Meter is an Adobe Air application, and requires Adobe Flash to install. If you do not already have Adobe Flash Player installed, please visit the Adobe Flash site. If you do not already have Adobe Air, it will be installed automatically.

From the HughesNet Status Meter page, click the Install Now button to begin the installation.

Install Now

The installation badge will change to indicate the beginning of the installation process.

Application Installation

If you do not have Adobe AIR installed, you will be prompted to install it automatically as shown below.  Click on “Yes” and follow the prompts to install Adobe AIR for the first time. You will only have to do this once and you’ll continue with the next step.

Adobe AIR Installer

If you have Adobe AIR installed, you’ll see a prompt as shown below. Click on “Open” to continue with the installation.

Would you like to open or save this file?

Next, you’ll be able to select certain installation options. The default selections are best for most users.

Installation Preferences

Next the installation confirmation prompt is displayed.  Clicking the “Install” button continues the installation.

Install Confirmation

If you are installing or upgrading your version of Adobe AIR, you may be prompted to accept the AIR license agreement as well. Clicking “I Agree” will complete the process.

Adobe AIR License Agreement