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How do I know if my download completed successfully or unsuccessfully?
In the Downloads tab, you will have a green square next to a download that has completed. A red square next to a file means the file did NOT complete successfully.

The help file shows HDM context menus in the browser but my browser doesn’t have them.
This was probably caused by installing HDM with the browser open. You should restart your browser. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you should close all of your browsers, then reinstall HDM.

I log off my computer every night. HDM doesn’t download any files during the Download Zone.
Logging off your computer turns HDM off. Users must be logged in for HDM to operate. Activation of a password-protected screen saver will not turn HDM off.

HDM just doesn’t work. What’s wrong?
HDM is based on an open source product called Free Download Manager (FDM). If you’ve ever used FDM and it was not uninstalled prior to the installation of HDM, HDM may not work correctly. Users should uninstall FDM, then reinstall HDM.

How do I limit HDM to only download specific files I want instead of every file I click on?
HDM has controls to only download files that exceed 10 MB. There is another control on the Options > Settings > Monitoring page that allows you only use HDM when the Alt key is selected.

How come HDM does NOT download specified file?
Some files cannot be downloaded; for example “YouTube” allows you to view videos only. To download video files from YouTube, you need a codec to download the video.

How do I stop the HDM Fair Access Policy reminder?
Go to the Options menu. Then select the settings menu. In the settings you can select the “Disable Fair Access Policy” pop-up notice.

How do I download Windows updates using HDM?
You cannot schedule Windows updates using Hughes Download Manager.

What is the default schedule?
The default schedule used in HDM is the computer’s local time that corresponds to the HughesNet Download Zone Period. The HughesNet Download Zone Period is from 2:00 am to 7:00 am ET.

What files typically don’t work with HDM?
In most cases, HDM does download the file it was asked to download. Many Websites redirect browsers to the files that users will download. If you drag the links to the DropBox, HDM could download the redirection file instead of the content you wanted. When this occurs, the download tab will show .htm or .html files instead of other content. Click the link to begin the download. HDM will prompt you for a selection.

How do I remove HDM from my PC?
Close all browsers. From the control panel, double-click “Add/Remove Programs,” select Hughes Download Manager from Programs, and choose Uninstall HughesNet Download Manager.

What Operating Systems will the Download Manager work with?
The Download Manager will work with Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (32 bit), and Windows 7 (32 bit)).


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